Pizza Oven Lets You Gift Stark County’s Best Pizza to Anyone!

Pizza Oven has been a family owned business since 1956. Founded by Joe DiPietro, and now run by his sons, this much-loved establishment has grown over the years from a single carry-out in Canton, Ohio to eight pizza carry-out and delivery locations throughout Stark County. This impressive growth has been a gift to the community, making Pizza Oven’s outstanding menu items readily available to many more customers. However, the delivery area has expanded even further, gifting Pizza Oven pizza to innumerable people.

The expansion is not about serving additional areas in and around Canton and Stark County; it’s bigger than that.

It has not stemmed from the opening new locations throughout Ohio; it’s even bigger than that.

Imagine being able to get an amazing Pizza Oven pizza with all of your favorite toppings anywhere in the United States. It’s that big. Continue reading