Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville Has Menu Variety and Options to Please Everyone

Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio is about more than just pizza. The variety of items they offer means that there is an option on their menu for just about everyone, whether you need to feed an entire party or are just looking for something small for yourself.

Their Italiano fried chicken, which is fried in pure peanut oil, can be purchased in a variety of different ways. You can pick up a small two piece snack, which includes two pieces of chicken, jo-jo’s, and coleslaw. Need a bit more? Try the twenty piece box with jo-jo’s! Too much? You can also choose from four, eight, twelve, and sixteen piece meals. When you order your Italiano fried chicken, you also have the option of mixed or all white meat pieces.

Not enough options with the fried chicken? Try the wings. Continue reading