See Cowboy Action Shooting™ in Person at Kames Sports Next Month

kames_logo1By Gemma Chriss

Most people who reside in the greater Canton, Ohio area know Kames Sports for their wide selection of camping supplies, motocross gear, gun accessories, and more. However, what some people aren’t aware of is the fact that this local establishment has a long tradition of hosting family-friendly events for the community. Next month, Kames Sports will be providing their customers with the opportunity to see Cowboy Action Shooting™ live and in person, courtesy of the Tusco Long Riders. Those who are fascinated by the culture of the “Old West” are invited to take part in the shooting demonstration and other fun activities that will follow.

kames sports_tuscoTusco Long Riders’ Day is scheduled to take place on March 12th from 10am-6pm. During this time, residents from all over Akron, Canton, New Philadelphia, and beyond will be encouraged to speak with the members of this club about their shooting equipment, costumes, aliases, and more. Cowboy Action Shooting™ really is an interesting sport, but many people are unaware that it even exists! The Tusco Long Riders’ mission is to help preserve the sport and teach others about the exciting world of Cowboy Action Shooting™.

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