Hartville MarketPlace Provides a Variety of Food & Fun for All

Hartville MarketPlace can be described in a numbers of different way, but if there is one adjective that stands out beyond all of the rest, it’s variety. The variety of items that you can find at Hartville Marketplace in Hartville, Ohio is incomparable to any other local shopping area.

When Hartville MarketPlace asserts that they have “something for everyone,” it is in no way an exaggeration. The market was completely rebuilt in 2002, and is now a 100,000 square foot, two-storey one-stop shopping facility. Step inside, and you will find over 110 individually owned shops with an incredible variety of themes and products. It is a haven for collectors of all types, from glassware to sports memorabilia. It is also the perfect place to stop for fresh, locally grown produce, as well as meats and cheeses.

In addition to the variety of shops—some for pets, some just for kids, and some for the kid in all of us—you will also find Sarah’s Grille. Centrally located inside Hartville MarketPlace on the first floor, variety is also the order of the day here. Visitors can order traditional breakfast dishes, like the fresh cinnamon rolls which are handmade daily. Later in the day, snack foods, such as hand rolled pretzels are available, along with hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and more. Once again, the variety of fare offered in Hartville MarketPlace’s Sarah’s Grille should easily please everyone in your party. Continue reading