Find Pet Friendly and Easy to Clean Carpet at Stoller Floors near Wooster, Ohio!

Stoller Floors_LogoBy Fiona Vernon

Although you may not realize it, your home’s flooring plays an intricate role in the overall look of your home. In fact, torn, worn down, and stained flooring can all play negatively impact how the interior of your home is perceived. However, keeping your home’s flooring looking as fresh and beautiful as it once was isn’t always possible—especially when it comes to carpet! With pets, keeping your carpet looking and smelling fresh can be even more difficult. If you’re ready to upgrade your current carpet to a more pet friendly flooring type, pay a visit to Stoller Floors near Wooster, Ohio. Here, you can browse through a variety of name brand carpeting and other flooring products to find the one that best accommodates the interior design of your Akron, Oho or Massillon, Ohio area residence.

Of the carpeting offered at Stoller Floors, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting by Mohawk is one of their most popular types they have available. Why? This easy to clean carpet is designed to resist stains caused by spilled beverages, pet accidents, and more! In fact, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet offers permanent, built-in stain resistance and durability that many other carpet products are unable to offer. For this reason, many homeowners have chosen to invest in this soft carpet for their home in the Canton, Ohio area and beyond!

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Learn More about Soft Carpet Care from the Knowledgeable Associates of Stoller Floors in Orrville, Ohio

If you are like many homeowners from around the Dalton, Ohio and Wayne County, Ohio area, soft or ultra-plush carpet can feel like a blessing and a curse. While there’s nothing better than being able to sink your bare feet into cloud-like carpet, it can leave you feeling pretty lost as to how to go about cleaning it. The knowledgeable flooring associates of Stoller Floors in Orrville, Ohio are a great resource to consider when purchasing carpet. Not only can they share with you all of the carpet cleaning tips that are necessary for soft carpet care, their flooring showroom is full of durable carpet options that are super soft and easy to clean.

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