Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub in Canton, Ohio Is the Place to Go for Pub Food and More

By Gemma Chriss

thorpes_logoThose looking for an after-work hangout may want something a little more than the traditional sports bar. Unfortunately, the options around the North Canton, Ohio and Green, Ohio areas are somewhat limited in terms of affordable, laidback dining. Thankfully, Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub provides local residents with exactly what they’re looking for—a casual restaurant where one can enjoy delicious pub food and good conversation in a relaxed setting. During football season, many individuals from throughout the greater Canton, Ohio area can be found at this establishment, and it’s not difficult to see the appeal. Continue reading

Residents in Green, Ohio and beyond Enjoy Delicious Steaks and Seafood at Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub

By Gemma Chriss

thorpes_logoDespite there being a number of local dining spots available, some Stark County, Ohio residents still find it difficult to decide on a place to eat. For those individuals in search of tasty American cuisine and a warm, inviting atmosphere, Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub is an excellent choice. Nestled inside the famous McKinley Grand Hotel, Thorpe’s boasts an extensive menu filled with traditional pub food as well as perfectly prepared steaks and seafood. Open to the public seven days a week, this hotel restaurant allows residents throughout the Green, Ohio; Canal Fulton, Ohio; and Bolivar, Ohio areas to enjoy delicious food and good conversation in a comfortable setting. Continue reading

Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub Offers Delicious Burgers and More to the Downtown Canton Area

ThorpesBar_Seating2By Fiona Vernon

For years, the McKinley Grand Hotel has been a staple of Downtown Canton, Ohio. However, few individuals know that inside this luxurious hotel is a hidden gem: Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub. This local hotel grill is a great location for individuals staying on-site at the McKinley Grand Hotel and off-site to enjoy exquisite American cuisine and other popular dishes at an affordable price. Best of all, Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill & Pub’s restaurant portion is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so more individuals can enjoy a delicious meal throughout the day.

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