Call Hollinger Tree Service to Protect Your Property with Storm Damage Prevention and Clean Up in the Stark County, Ohio Area

The news around Ohio and throughout the country lately has focused largely on the extreme summer weather we’re experiencing.  From record setting high temperatures to unusually strong storms, the overall effect has been less than pleasant.  Here, in the Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and North Canton, Ohio area, it’s not hard to imagine the possible consequences of hard rain, strong winds, and powerful lightning. Just looking at a harsh storm through your Louisville, Ohio window may have you biting your fingernails in worry. If that large oak tree outside of your bedroom happened to fall onto your house, could you or your loved ones be harmed? If a branch was struck by lightning and fell onto your vehicle, how would you even begin to pay the cost of repairs? No one wants to think about such horrible scenarios, but with the recent weather in our area, you have to be prepared. That’s why you should make a call to Hollinger Tree Service for storm damage prevention. Specializing in tree care and removal in the Stark County, Ohio region, Hollinger Tree Service knows what the results of a strong storm can cost you and your family. If you’re worried about the emotional and monetary costs of storm clean up, contact Hollinger Tree Service to inspect and remove any potentially dangerous trees around your home today. Continue reading