Make Hollinger Tree Service Your Call for Tree-Trimming, Removal, Tree Care Tips, & More in the Canton, Ohio Area!

When hot, humid weather arrives, but no rain comes with it, we begin to worry about all of our green and growing things. We fuss over flower beds in Canton, Ohio and worry over watering our vegetable gardens in Massillon, Ohio. What we often overlook are our Stark County, Ohio trees. Mild drought conditions may not affect a large, healthy tree. But what of older trees that are already beginning to show the ravages of time or newly planted saplings not yet hardy enough to withstand the heat and lack of nourishing rains? Here are a few tree care tips from Hollinger Tree Service, based in Louisville, Ohio, to help you get your trees safely through this summer, and a little advice about when it’s time to have professional tree-trimming and more! Continue reading