Know When to Replace a Windshield with Expert Input from Classic Auto Glass of Stark County, Ohio

Why replace what you can repair? That may seem like a silly question. But it’s not. Especially not to the team at Classic Auto Glass. They can repair windshields and replace auto glass for virtually every type of vehicle. And with one location in Canton, Ohio, another in Canal Fulton, Ohio, and a mobile repair team – they’ve seen their share of auto glass issues. From their experience comes tips that drivers in Stark County, Ohio can use to know when to replace a windshield and when to save with expert repairs.

Chips and cracks will eventually appear on the windshields of most vehicles that travel in Northeast Ohio.  With multiple freeways and more than few highways and byways, there are a lot of opportunities for incidents. Add in the recurring pothole problem that plagues Stark County and neighboring areas, and we have quite a few bumps in the road. Not mention the myriad of commercial vehicles that buzz through these parts, kicking up rocks and debris with far more vigor than a family sedan.

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