Vern Dale’s Water Center Offers Winter Safety Tips to Canton, Ohio Locals

Those of us who have been Ohioans for at least a few years know just how temperamental the weather can be. Take the past couple of weeks for example. People around the Canton, Ohio areas have experienced snow, ice, single digit temperatures, rain, sunshine, and temperatures upwards of fifty degrees—all within a matter of weeks! Regardless of how unpredictable Ohio weather may be, we can still expect to receive some snow and ice this season. So, it’s within your best interest to practice winter safety. Fortunately, Vern Dale’s Water Center has a few winter tricks to share with Massillon, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio residents. While you’re probably familiar with Vern Dale’s large selection of water treatment options, you may not know that they also offer a variety of deicing salt to help clear your driveway!

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