Take a Natural Approach to Health with Integrated Health Practitioner Alicia Rocco of Minerva, Ohio

The connection between emotional and physical health is undeniable. As are the effects that imbalances in either can have on one’s personal and professional life. The ability to isolate the causes and identify solutions for such issues has been revered throughout time. And if you want to help yourself or help others overcome challenges naturally, you need to know Alicia Rocco. Alicia is a board certified integrated health practitioner. She’s also a trusted life coach, a skilled iridologist, and an experienced essence and herbal practitioner and educator. Based in Minerva, Ohio which is near Canton, Ohio and not far from Cleveland, Ohio, Alicia is a guide to natural, integrated health.

What is Integrated Health?

Integrated health is a standard of healthcare that focuses on the whole person. Mind, body, spirit, and environmental factors are evaluated in tandem. As an educated, seasoned and experienced integrated health practitioner, Alicia Rocco tailors methods and therapies to achieve optimal health and healing in recognition of the body’s ability to heal itself. What’s exceptional about Alicia is her combined areas of expertise that she shares with her clients and students.

Iridology Explained

This is the study of the iris of the eye. It’s a tool used to analyze a person’s health through genetic strengths and deficiencies within the body and apparent in iris patterns. Alicia Rocco is a trained iridologist and teacher of emotional iridology. She can guide you to achieve the following benefits for yourself or others by understanding the language of each organ, gland, and cell as revealed through the iris.

  • Reveal potential future health risks
  • Find strengths & weaknesses that are inherited
  • Analyze health problems so corrective measures can be taken
  • Find how your emotional nature can influence your health
  • Understanding the road to optimal health and well being
  • Learn a natural health program that is right for you

Essence & Herbal Practitioner

Alicia’s work with essences and herbs can best be seen through her company, Natural Approach to Health. Her quaint, personal shop in Minerva welcomes neighbors from places near Canton and Cleveland. Meanwhile, her fully functional and highly detailed website makes a broad range of natural health products available to all. She and her staff work to better inform their clients. And per the essence and herbal practitioner courses Alicia teaches, she can guide you to inform others.

To learn more about iridology or essence and herbal practitioner courses available near Canton, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio, call 330.868.5353. Please also feel free to inquire about Alicia’s ability to serve as a life coach as well as what she can discover through hair analysis and blood work. Remember, Alicia Rocco is a true integrated health practitioner. She will evaluate all factors relevant to total health. And she can help you learn to do the same. So call today or visit www.naturalapproachtohealth.com to begin your natural journey to optimal health.

Natural Approach to Health
3944 Whitacre Avenue
Minerva, Ohio 44657

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