Take a Trip from Your Stow, Ohio Home to Find Handmade Jewelry and More at Canal Fulton Glassworks

It’s always fun to visit a local art gallery in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area, but we’re often so enamored by the pieces we see that it’s disappointing to learn they can’t be purchased. However, Canal Fulton Glassworks has solved this issue by combining their gallery and gift shop so that visitors to their facility can actually buy the beautiful works of art that catch their interest. With an extensive selection of blown glass and ceramic art, handmade jewelry, wooden gifts and more, visitors from Stow, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio are able to peruse a wide variety of unique décor and presents for loved ones.

What makes Canal Fulton Glassworks stand out from other local art galleries is that not only can visitors purchase the art pieces they love most, but they are also helping to support the local economy! The gallery features a number of blown glass art, ceramic art, handmade jewelry and wooden gifts crafted by Ohio-based artisans. Canal Fulton Glassworks currently supports over 50 artists throughout the state by featuring their eye-catching pieces within their spacious gift shop. Along with traditional works of art such as paintings and prints, the artists who work with Canal Fulton Glassworks also create attractive vases, exquisite jewelry sets, colorful paperweights and other home furnishings. By visiting this local art gallery, residents from all over the Tallmadge and Stow areas are able to see just what these talented artists can do.

As more and more people from Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding areas venture to Canal Fulton Glassworks, their interest in how such intricate and striking pieces are created is piqued. Fortunately for those who have a genuine interest in blown glass art and handmade jewelry, Canal Fulton Glassworks does not merely provide a space for artists to show off their work, they also offer classes. By contacting this local business, people of all ages are able to register for classes on how to craft glass paperweights, glass jewelry, copper jewelry sets and more. Canal Fulton Glassworks wants to be able to involve their visitors as much as possible, including giving them the chance to create unique gifts and furnishings to take home to their loved ones.

To learn more about this local art gallery and all that it offers to its visitors, go to their website at www.canalfultonglassworks.com. Not only can you learn more about the artists they have featured in their gift shop, but you can also find additional information about taking classes in their studio. If you have any questions about Canal Fulton Glassworks, give them a call at 330.854.2966. However, to see their ceramic art, blown glass art, handmade jewelry and wooden gifts in person, take the trip from your Tallmadge, Ohio or Stow, Ohio home to Canal Fulton Glassworks’ facility. They are located roughly half an hour from the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area.

Canal Fulton Glassworks
215 Market St W
Canal Fulton, Ohio
Ph: 330.854.2966

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