The Pierogi Lady Brings Traditional Handmade Pierogies to You at Area Events this Fall!

The Hartville Marketplace in Hartville, Ohio isn’t the only place to get a taste of delicious handmade pierogies from The Pierogi Lady.  Although a consistent schedule is maintained (from 9am-5pm) weekly in Hartville, near North Canton, Ohio and Jackson Township, Ohio, The Pierogi Lady doesn’t just  stay in one place!  You can bet that while you’re out at the Green Farmer’s Market or sipping wine at Gervasi Vineyard you will find a variety of freshly made pierogies to taste.  Including everything from traditional Potato and Cheese pierogies to vegetarian and vegan pierogies, the menu is always changing and always tasty!  Order a pan full of steaming hot, delicious treats for your family reunion or tailgating party this season.

A day of shopping is often just what the doctor ordered to fight the rainy day blues—and boy, has this summer near Jackson Township and North Canton been rainy!  While you’re enjoying the many spoils that Hartville Marketplace has to offer, stop and see The Pierogi Lady for a delicious midday treat that is flavorful and light enough to keep you shopping for the afternoon without feeling overly stuffed!  Selections like the Sweet Cabbage or Mushroom freshly made pierogies are great flavors for late summer and are made fresh for your typical or vegetarian diet.  Take home half a dozen or more to share with your family for dinner, or to take over for a visit with friends for a light dinner side dish.

Around the local area, The Pierogi Lady can be found serving out traditional handmade pierogies at Gervasi Vineyard and the Green Farmer’s Market near Hartville on a consistent basis.  You can even stop out and see them at the Voices in the Valley Music Festival coming up Labor Day Weekend!  Another great way to get these deliciously different pierogies into your diet is to have a special seasonal event catered by The Pierogi Lady!  Many families get together for one last cookout or a big reunion at the end of the summertime.  Setting up a catered menu or even full service is easy when you visit and view the catering questionnaire.  Make sure to call and check their schedule for availability before planning your seasonal family fun!  Tailgating time is also here again, and that means lots of yummy food to share.  Order a full pan of your favorite types of handmade pierogies like Loaded Baked Potato and Two Cheese Beef and Mushroom to get you pumped up for the big game!

Another detail that makes The Pierogi Lady’s menu so special is the selection of vegetarian and vegan pierogies available for your lunch or special event.  Many people are making lifestyle choices that promote their health and well-being with lighter options.  Vegetable rich diets and diets that are free of animal products entirely are becoming more and more sought after.  The Pierogi Lady has choices of handmade vegetarian and vegan pierogies like Potato and Onion, Spinach and Mushroom, and even Blueberry!  If you have a need for a certain kind, just ask about it—they may know just how to make what you need!

The Pierogi Lady can be found on a consistent basis near North Canton, Ohio; and around Jackson Township, Ohio.  The traditional handmade pierogies can also be sought after at many area events throughout the summer and fall months.  Liking their Facebook page will keep you up to date on all their coming events and new items.  Consider having a pan full of steaming, freshly made pierogies delivered for your big tailgating event or family reunion or adding their vegetarian and vegan pierogies into your healthy diet. Visit The Pierogi Lady today!

The Pierogi Lady
1289 Edison St NW
Hartville, Ohio 44632
Phone: 330.690.2129

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