This New Year, Let Mathnasium Make Mathematics Fun for Your Child in East Canton!

With the New Year having arrived, many of us have strived to make New Year’s resolutions. Although it’s easy to make resolutions as an adult, it’s not often easy as a child. This year, help your child make resolutions they can achieve in areas of importance: their education. If your child is struggling with mathematics, help them make New Year’s math resolutions they can feel good about! With the professional tutoring services provided by Mathnasium, your child can get the assistance they need to do better in their Perry Township, Ohio area school and in life. Best of all, Mathnasium’s skilled tutors will take the time to create a special learning plan for your child that will make mathematics fun! If you’re from the Canal Fulton, Ohio area or East Canton, Ohio area and would like to help your child do better in school, contact the professional tutoring staff at Mathnasium.

Why enlist the help of Mathnasium’s professional tutoring services? With challenges like Common Core Curriculum, standardized tests and placement decisions facing your child in the Hartville or Perry Township area this season, it’s important for them to be prepared.  By helping your child create New Year’s math resolutions, you can help them address these issues and begin seeing positive results in their test scores and classroom work. This is because math resolutions can be a powerful tool, helping make mathematics fun for your child as they begin the second half of their school year with focus and enthusiasm.

Are you unsure of how to help your child create some of these resolutions? Dawn Catalano –Owner of the Mathnasium of Belden Village franchise near East Canton—offers the following ideas to get students and parents going with their own personalized list of resolutions:

  • I will practice my multiplication facts, even when I think it’s boring, because they are important to know.
  • I will score higher on my next math exam and ask my Mom to put it on the fridge.
  • I will remember that math is as much fun as I make it.
  • I will do at least one math problem to help my parents every day, like calculating change at the grocery store.
  • I will learn how to use a ruler and a compass and draw decorations for my room/binder.
  • I will work on one word problem a week and show someone how I solved it.
  • For students in Algebra 1 or higher: I will figure out what F.O.I.L. means. (Hint: it’s not used to wrap my sandwiches.)
  • Write your own:  I will ________________________________.

These New Year’s math resolutions don’t have to be burdensome, and no one needs a long list to feel that they have something to work towards. The idea is to come up with a handful of resolutions to get students’ thinking about their math skills as they head into the critical late winter, early spring period of their school work. If your child needs additional mathematic assistance to help achieve their mathematic goals in the Perry Township, Ohio area, enlist the help of Mathnasium’s professional tutoring services. With these services, your child will get the homework help and personalized learning plan they need to better understand their East Canton, Ohio school’s math homework. Best of all, Mathnasium can help make mathematics fun for your child by helping them learn in the way that best works for them. If you’re from the Canal Fulton, Ohio area and find your child needs additional math help, contact the professionals at Mathnasium at or call 330.492.6284 today to set up a free consultation!

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