This Season, Visit Kames Sports near Canton, Ohio for Straight-Walled Cartridges

If you’re an avid hunter, you may already know about the recent changes that were made to this year’s deer hunting regulations. For the first time in the state, the Ohio Wildlife Council approved the use of straight-walled cartridge rifles for deer hunting. For those who plan to take advantage of this new regulation, a trip to your local gun store may be in order. Hunters throughout the Hartville, Ohio; Green, Ohio; and Canton, Ohio areas merely need to stop by Kames Sports in order to obtain all the deer hunting equipment they need. Not only does this Stark County, Ohio merchant carry a wide assortment of ammunition, including straight-walled cartridges, but they also have an impressive selection of lever-action rifles in their hunting department. By heading over to Kames Sports now, not only can you purchase a high-quality rifle and all the ammo you need, but you can also get expert advice from Kames’ experienced staff.

As many of the staff members at Kames Sports are hunters themselves, they make sure to stay informed of all the latest rules and regulations regarding deer hunting season. Not only does this allow them to have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience, but it also makes the hunting department at Kames Sports a great source of information.

This Stark County establishment has a sizeable selection of high-quality rifles, including lever-action rifles for those who want to take advantage of the new hunting regulations. By shopping for your deer hunting equipment at Kames Sports, you can purchase your rifle and ammo for an affordable price, saving more money than you would if you opted to visit another gun store near your Hartville, Green, or Canton home. Plus, their associates can assist you in purchasing the right straight-walled cartridges if you’ve never used this type of ammo before. This is especially important as only certain calibers are currently permitted, including the following: 357 Magnum, .357 Maximum, .38 Special, .375 Super Magnum, .375 Winchester, .38-55, .41 Long Colt, .41 Magnum, .44 Special, .44 Magnum, .444 Marlin, .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .45 Long Colt, .45 Winchester Magnum, .45 Smith & Wesson, .454 Cassull, .460 Smith & Wesson, .45-70, .45-90, .45-110, .475 Linebaugh, .50-70, .50-90, .50-100, .50-110, and .500 Smith & Wesson.

Since gun season is coming up soon, now is the time to get all of the deer hunting equipment you need. And what better place to shop for a new lever-action rifle and straight-walled cartridges than at Kames Sports? To learn more about their inventory of high-quality rifles compared to other Stark County, Ohio gun stores, visit their website at or give them a call at 330.499.4558. But if you’d prefer to talk to the associates within Kames’ hunting department in person, be sure to take the short trip from your Canton, Ohio; Green, Ohio; or Hartville, Ohio home to their store.

Kames Sports
8516 Cleveland Ave N
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.499.4558

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