Vern Dale’s Water Center Assists the Local Community Throughout Stark County, Ohio

When it comes to businesses, we rarely consider one charitable unless they’re a non-profit organization or they blatantly state their proceeds are going to a specific location. However, did you know that Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio has been assisting the local community for years? Whether you know it or not, Vern Dale’s Water Center has given numerous amounts of charitable donations to schools, churches, and organizations throughout Stark County, Ohio and beyond. If you’re in the North Canton, Ohio region and are in need of residential or commercial water treatment solutions at an affordable rate, be sure to contact Vern Dale’s Water Center. Not only will you get the professional assistance you need for all your water needs, but you’ll also be helping to support local schools, organizations, and more.

For over 50 years, Vern Dale’s Water Center has been serving Stark County and the surrounding areas with all their water needs. Today, Vern Dale’s Water Center continues to be family owned and operated, helping to support local schools, churches, and various other organizations including Miss Wheelchair USA. Though they have given a variety of charitable donations to assist the local community, Vern Dale’s Water Center also has been making an effort to improve the water quality of the community with their top quality products, one home and business at a time. Vern Dale’s Water Center –located in Canton—offers a full line of water treatment systems as well as offering the most extensive line of brand name equipment in the business. Not only this, but they are also one of the largest wholesale salt distributers for all your water softener system needs. As an active member of the community, it makes perfect sense that Vern Dale’s Water Center considers customer service its top priority along with fair and reasonable prices. Because your water is such a vital part of your day to day life, they work on all major brands and tend to provide service and attention when you need it within 24 hours. For some companies, this could take days! If you’re unsure of what exact water solution you need, be sure to ask one of their highly trained technicians to help you determine the best solution for you. After all, the most refreshing drink you have should be a cool glass of water from your own tap.

Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to assisting the local community they’re a part of. Through charitable donations helping to support local schools, churches, and local organization, they’re leaving a positive print on the Stark County, Ohio community. Helping others is something that Vern Dale’s Water Center supports, which is why they’re so focused on customer service. Whether you need a new water system or have a system, Vern Dale’s Water Center is there to help, offering a complete selection of home water filtration and purification products. At Vern Dale’s Water Center, the products they supply are built to last, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking to have one of their top quality products installed in your North Canton, Ohio business or home, you can rest assured that the best trained and experienced service technicians in the industry will be installing them for you. For more information, visit or call 330.455.9466 today!

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