Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio Provides Sponsorship to Local Organizations

There have always been some companies that are merely in business to make money. That’s all. Not only do they refuse to take part in any area activities, but they don’t offer additional help to their customers either. Fortunately for its clients, Vern Dale’s Water Center is on the other side of the spectrum. This Canton, Ohio water treatment company has been offering its assistance to individuals and groups around Minerva, Ohio and Plain Township, Ohio for years now! Vern Dale’s is proud to support the community and surrounding region in any way it can. That’s because this is one company that truly cares about the well being of the entire area. From participation in service projects to providing sponsorship to local organizations, Vern Dale’s work isn’t limited to water treatment by any means.

As a firm believer in the importance of education, Vern Dale’s Water Center often gives charitable donations to schools all around the Northeast Ohio region. Louisville High School, East Canton High School, St. Louis School, GlenOak High School, and Minerva High School are just some of the schools that have benefited from Vern Dale’s generous nature. Not only does Vern Dale’s Water Center help schools to purchase the items they need, but the company contributes to a brighter future for the Minerva and Plain Township areas.

This water treatment company also provides sponsorship to local organizations such as churches. Since these faith-based establishments offer valuable services to members and area natives, Vern Dale’s Water Center does whatever it can to give back. The Living Age Church in Louisville and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Canton are two such religious institutions that have received aid from Vern Dale’s Water Center.

Yet Vern Dale’s doesn’t just support the Canton community. In fact, their good deeds spread throughout the globe! A contributor of Rotary International, Vern Dale’s promotes volunteer opportunities and offers their participation in service projects all across the world. But that’s not all! In addition to traditional charities, Vern Dale’s is also involved with nonprofit health agencies and pageant-based programs. Miss Wheel Chair USA and the Muscular Dystrophy Association are two more organizations that benefit from Vern Dale’s philanthropic disposition.

While there are countless businesses that shy away from community involvement, Vern Dale’s Water Center is certainly not one of them! This water treatment company in Canton, Ohio supports its own community, as well as nearby Minerva, Ohio and Plain Township, Ohio. By providing sponsorship to local organizations and offering its participation in various service projects, Vern Dale’s sets the standard for excellence. If you’re curious to find out other ways in which Vern Dale’s Water Center has assisted those in need, give them a call at 330.455.9466 or visit

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