Vern Dale’s Water Center Offers Residential and Wholesale De-Icing Salts to the Stark County Area

It’s hard to believe it, but winter is just around the corner! Before you know it, snow will be falling and many will be looking for ways to quickly and efficiently remove the ice from the pavement around their homes. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner in the Summit County, Ohio area, you want to make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. Right now, you can find wholesale de-icing salts at Vern Dale’s Water Center in Stark County, Ohio. These de-icing salts are perfect for those who plow parking lots, own hardware stores, and more! For your convenience, Vern Dale’s Water Center even offers same day or next day deicing salt delivery to get those bags to you as soon as possible. If you invest in softener salt or bottled water, you can even get a discount on these great delivery services. For chloride calcium salts and more for your Mahoning County, Ohio location, contact the experts at Vern Dale’s Water Center!

Vern Dale’s Water Center offers a wide range of products to assist with all of your water needs, including deicers. If you plow parking lots and other business properties during the winter season, you’ll love the Greenmelt deicer Vern Dale’s Water Center in Stark County offers as a wholesale de-icing salt. This Calcium Chloride salt blend is balanced to give sidewalk and parking lot crews a critical 20 minute jump start with its Calcium Chloride, coupled with 60 minutes of extended melting acting from the Sodium Chloride also present in it. During the holiday season, this is a must!

Interested in selling some of these great products in your Mahoning County hardware store or other business this season? One cost effective option for your customers would be the Jiffy Melt Deicing Crystals. This specially formulated blend of magnesium chloride and sodium chloride calls for fast action and lower application rates. It even works below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and leaves no oily residue. Halite Winter Deicing Crystals are also a great option. This unique mixture of large and small natural sodium chloride crystals uses the small crystals to melt ice on contact while the large crystals provide longevity and instant traction for the area. It too leaves no oily residue, but only works best in temperatures above 5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is available in bag sizes of 80 lbs, 50 lbs, or 25 lbs. If you can’t haul it to your Summit County location properly, know that Vern Dale’s Water Center offers deicing salt delivery services to help get you the product you need in a timely manner.

Do you live in or own a business in the Summit County, Ohio area? If so, then you know how intense the winter weather can get in this region! For this reason, consider investing in Calcium Chloride salts for deicing. One of the leading brands Vern Dale’s Water Center provides as a residential and wholesale de-icing salt in the Stark County, Ohio area is the Calcium Chloride Deicing Pellets by Peladow. Available in 50 lbs bags, this deicing salt gives off heat as it dissolves, melting more ice faster at a lower temperature—as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact! Because it melts more ice faster, you don’t have to use as much when taking care of your Mahoning County, Ohio property. It leaves no powdery residue and is safe on concrete and vegetation when used correctly. For deicing salt delivery of this product and more, be sure to contact Vern Dale’s Water Center! For more information, visit or call 330.455.9466 today!

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