Vern Dale’s Water Center: The Source for Water Treatment and Agricultural Salts!

At Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio, you know you are going to get quality service and water treatment advice.  You can depend on this long-standing local business to soften your water, and supply you with a tasty flow from the tap.  But, are you aware that they do not only supply water treatment salts?  They also have a separate warehouse with agricultural salts for local farmers and feed companies.  These Champions Choice® Agricultural Salts can be a fine screened salt or a compressed block to meet the needs of beef and dairy cattle, swine, and horses.  There are also blends to mix in with animal rations, and that are suitable for all animal diets.  Besides that, at Vern Dale’s Water Center near Massillon, Ohio and Navarre, Ohio you can find Pool salt for salt-chlorine generators.

The special agricultural salts that Vern Dale’s offers, are specially formulated with trace minerals and promote the balanced diet of your animals.  Whether you are buying in bulk and need the large 50 lb. bag or the compressed 50 lb. block, your animals will appreciate the supplementation which will be reflected in their overall health.  For your smaller animals, spool shaped cylinders of compressed salt and trace minerals are available.  Animal diets are one of the most important things that a local farmer or feed company attends to in order to have a thriving farm or business.  Rely on the long-standing local business of Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton to supply your animal’s supplementation.

For the customer with a backyard pool to upkeep, Vern Dale’s Water Center near Navarre and Massillon also has Pool Salt for salt-chlorine generators in addition to their more typically used water treatment salts.  The benefit of a salt-chlorine generator is that it is an inexpensive way to chlorinate your pool.  Rather than keeping up with the application of expensive pool chemicals, the salt-chlorine generator literally turns inexpensive pool salt into chlorine.  Everyone can appreciate the savings while they’re splashing around enjoying the pool!  Call Vern Dale’s Water Center today to get more information on the economic benefits of using salt for your backyard swimming pool.

For over 50 years, Vern Dale’s Water Center has been serving the Stark County area, such as in Massillon, Ohio and Navarre, Ohio with water treatment systems and advice.  They offer top-notch customer service and often offer specials for repeat customers via their Facebook page (like having your heavy bags of water treatment salts lugged down the basement steps for you when they deliver them!).  For your local farming needs, see this long-standing local business for agricultural salts to supplement the animal diets you provide.  Vern Dale’s will also assist you in your understanding of how using pool salts can be an affordable and beneficial change for your family swimming pool.  Contact them today to ask your pool water treatment questions or fill your agricultural salt needs!

Vern Dale’s Water Center
3827 Kirby Ave NE
Canton, Ohio 44705
Phone: 330.455.9466

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