Visit Audrey’s Attic in Orrville, Ohio in February for a Fun Home Décor Sale!

You can often find discounted home furnishings at big box stores around the Dalton, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio areas, but Audrey’s Attic always has something new and unique to offer customers. From their fun community events to their extensive selection of beautiful home decorations, Audrey’s Attic is truly one of a kind. Every month there’s something going on at Audrey’s Attic in Orrville, Ohio, and February is no different! This month, this local country store is running a home décor sale that will test your bravery, your courage, and your sense of humor. This month features Audrey’s Attic’s Flip Flops in February sale!

If you know anything about Audrey’s Attic, you know that they are always hosting interesting events that are just on the side of whacky. But if you love antique knick-knacks, themed home decorations, and saving money, you’ll really want to take the trip from your Dalton or Wooster home to Audrey’s Attic the week of February 18th. From the 18th to the 23rd you can get 30% off your entire purchase just by wearing your flip flops into the store!

Now, this home décor sale may seem a little unusual, but the staff members at Audrey’s Attic pride themselves on being different from traditional big box stores that offer discounted home furnishings. And this month they’re really thinking outside of the box!

Audrey’s Attic wants you to break out your summer gear despite the chilly temperatures. By wearing your flip flops into the store (socks are acceptable) during their Flip Flops in February sale, you can pick up all kinds of home decorations, save some money, and have a good laugh at yourself in the process. The only catch is that you MUST have your flip flops on the entire time—no switching from your regular shoes before you walk through the door! If you’re brave enough to expose your toes to the cold air, you can take advantage of savings on all kinds of eye-catching decorations for your home! And that’s on top of Audrey’s already affordable prices!

With delicious smelling candles and holders, stationary, curtains, linens, kitchen supplies, pottery, lamp shades, rugs and more, this country store in Orrville has everything you need to give your home a warm, cozy, unique look. So, why not take some time to be silly and visit Audrey’s Attic during their home décor sale so you can get it all at a great price?

To find out more about Audrey’s Attic and the home decorations they sell, visit their website at You can also check out their Facebook page to learn more about Flip Flops in February and how this home décor sale will give you the opportunity to find a wide variety of discounted home furnishings for your Dalton, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio home. Just remember to break out your flip flops during the week of February 18th before heading over to this local country store.

Audrey’s Attic
147 Main St.
Orrville, Ohio


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