Visit Canal Fulton Glassworks to See Glass Blowing Demonstrations and More in the Stark County, Ohio Area

Are you having a hard time finding fun group activities for you and your friends or family members? It can be tough sometimes! Luckily, there are plenty of interesting things to do and places to visit in Stark County, Ohio. Even if you have been a Canton, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio resident for years, there are probably numerous locations that you’ve passed by but never entered. If Canal Fulton Glassworks happens to be one of them, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible! Canal Fulton Glassworks in Canal Fulton, Ohio gives visitors the opportunity to view unique art pieces crafted by artists from all over the state. If you’ve been looking for a great way to spend the day with your friends or family members, why not watch a glass blowing demonstration and take a gallery tour of Canal Fulton Glassworks?

Before you even cross the threshold you will be intrigued by Canal Fulton Glassworks! Located in the historic district of Canal Fulton, Canal Fulton Glassworks is currently housed within one of the oldest commercial buildings in the city. Built around the year 1814, the facility has undergone many cosmetic changes and played host to various businesses throughout the years. Since its construction, this location has been occupied by a general store, a bakery, a bike shop, and a train station. And those are just a few examples! You will learn a lot about the rich history of the area and Canal Fulton Glassworks itself when you take the quick trip from your Canton or North Canton home.

Once you arrive at Canal Fulton Glassworks, you will be amazed by all of the different mediums that the artists work in. Rather than just showcasing works crafted from glass, Canal Fulton Glassworks displays other unique art pieces such as steel sculptures, wood carvings, ceramic figures, metal jewelry, paintings and more. Not only will your visit to Canal Fulton Glassworks prove to be a fun group activity, but it will also give you the opportunity bring home a lovely trinket or decorative item.

Interested in viewing a glass blowing demonstration and taking a gallery tour at Canal Fulton Glassworks? The associates of Canal Fulton Glassworks will be happy to show you around the entire facility—including the hot glass shop! You’ll be able to learn about this interesting form of art and witness it firsthand! Just gather your friends and family, tell them how you’re going to be spending the day together, and give Canal Fulton Glassworks a call to schedule the date and time. Planning a fun group activity has never been simpler!

If you’re one of those Stark County, Ohio natives who have never been to Canal Fulton Glassworks, you’re missing out on a great experience! So why not take a gallery tour the next time you’re in Canal Fulton, Ohio and view all of the unique art pieces they have to offer? Or better yet, give them a call at 330.854.2966 to schedule a time to view a glass blowing demonstration with your Canton, Ohio friends or North Canton, Ohio relatives for a fun group activity. And if you decide this is a hobby you’d like to pick up, Canal Fulton Glassworks offers glass blowing and jewelry making classes! To find out even more about this local spot, check out their website at

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