Visit Manda’s Plant Farm near North Lawrence, Ohio and Craft Your Own Fairy Garden House!

While we may be more than halfway through the summer season, there’s no reason why you can’t take this opportunity to play in your Akron, Ohio or Green, Ohio garden. Whether you’re interested in picking up a few hanging baskets to brighten up your backyard or planting a couple of late-blooming flowers, Manda’s Plant Farm is the North Lawrence, Ohio area’s top resource for all things nature! Not only can you visit this locally-owned establishment to purchase plants for your own yard, but you can even enjoy a fun group outing by taking Manda’s featured gardening class! By getting a few of your friends, family members or co-workers together and calling Manda’s Plant Farm, you could be on your way to creating a truly unique garden statue for your flower bed. As Manda’s is still allowing interested individuals to sign up for their fairy garden house sessions, you and your group can spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening making stone garden figurines with cement, tools and a little direction from the staff at Manda’s!

Though you may initially wonder why Manda’s is offering a gardening class that focuses on stone garden figurines, you’ll understand the appeal when you visit their Facebook page. Mothers, daughters, friends, co-workers, church groups and other local clubs have already taken advantage of this great course and couldn’t be happier with the results! The fairy garden houses at Manda’s Plant Farm are both simple and fun to create, making this hands-on course the ideal summer activity for you and the rest of your bunch!

When you take the trip over to this North Lawrence area garden center, you and your group will each be given a small wooden birdhouse to act as the frame of your fairy garden house. After you attach a few decorative window screens, the frame is covered in cement and adorned with whatever baubles you want. Once the cement dries, you and your group will find yourselves the proud owners of some beautiful stone garden figurines!

Despite the simplicity of this project, it’s best to receive some instruction first before you try tackling it yourself. And since the staff at Manda’s has been making these unique garden statues for a while now, you can count on them to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to craft a truly charming fairy cottage. By taking advantage of Manda’s expertise, you can give your Akron or Green garden a touch of fantasy this summer!

Along with this terrific gardening class, Manda’s Plant Farm near North Lawrence, Ohio still has some shrubs and perennials that you can use in your Akron, Ohio or Green, Ohio garden. Just imagine how lovely your fairy garden house will look surrounded by colorful flowers! Don’t miss out on a chance to do something special with your friends and for your garden; visit Manda’s Facebook page to learn more about these stone garden figurines. If you already have a group that’s ready to sign up, just give Manda’s Plant Farm a call at 330.854.2637 to schedule your class and you’re on your way to sculpting your own unique garden statue!

Manda’s Plant Farm
6390 Erie Ave NW
Canal Fulton, Ohio
Ph: 330.854.2637

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