Visit Merit Seed for Quality Gardening Seeds and Fertilizer for Your Kidron, Ohio Property!

Many individuals believe that spring is the only time they can start their garden. In truth, there are many plant seeds that do better when planted in the summer than they do in the cooler spring weather. If you’ve been considering planting a home garden on your Kidron, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio residence this summer, make Merit Seed your first stop. At Merit Seed, you can browse through an expansive selection of quality gardening seeds and find the ones that are perfect for creating your vegetable garden. Alongside these great gardening seeds, you can also find a selection of reliable grass seeds and lawn fertilizer to improve the overall appearance of your Dalton, Ohio or Newcomerstown, Ohio property! Have you been considering adding a wildlife deer plot to your property instead of a garden? If so, you’ll love the selection of seed blends available at Merit Seed specifically for this application.

For years, Merit Seed has been creating seed blends designed specifically for the needs of wildlife in the area and much more. If you’ve been considering creating one or more wildlife deer plots on your Newcomerstown property this summer, speak with one of the knowledgeable staff members of Merit Seed. With their help, you’ll be able to learn more about each of their quality seed blends they have available and discover which one is right for your food plot location. Some of these summer seed blends include:

  • 12 Point Buck
  • Classic Whitetail
  • Chicory Extreme
  • Hidden Spot
  • And More!

With one of these great blends, you’ll be able to create a place where deer can graze and get the nutrition they may not be able to forage for on a regular basis. If you’re a hunter, creating a food plot on your Kidron property is a great way to keep the wildlife you often hunt closer as well as healthy before the season starts.

Have you been considering starting up a garden at your Dalton home this summer? Home gardens are an excellent way to grow some of your favorite vegetables and share them with your family. However, a quality garden starts with quality gardening seeds. At Meritt Seed, you can find some of your favorite vegetable seeds and even get dependable planting tips from their friendly staff members to ensure you grow a variety of healthy plants. With the temperatures rising, consider investing in some reliable grass seed and lawn fertilizer to keep your Massillon property looking its best.

Due to high traffic and warm weather, you can begin to see patches of brown forming across your Massillon, Ohio property’s landscape. In order to correct this problem, consider investing in reliable grass seed from Merit Seed. Here, you can find the perfect grass seed blends and lawn fertilizer’s needed to have your Kidron, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio property looking healthy again. Regardless of whether you’re interested in improving your lawn or creating a wildlife deer plot on your Newcomerstown, Ohio property, Merit Seed is the place to go for all of your seed needs. To learn more about the quality gardening seeds and additional products available at this location, visit or call 330.893.2338 today!

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