Wales Auto Repair Helps Drivers Straighten Up with Front End & Wheel Alignments in Canton, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio, and Canal Fulton, Ohio

Calling all drivers in Canton, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio, and Canal Fulton, Ohio….if you feel the earth move under your feet…it’s probably not Carole King singing on your radio, but your car crying out for service from Wales Auto Repair in North Canton, Ohio! Most drivers automatically assume that if they feel vibrations, shimmying, or shaking coming from the steering wheel, their car needs an alignment. But that is not the case at all! Wales Auto Repair is going to set the record, or your car, straight when it comes to front end alignments and wheel alignments!

Vibrations felt from the wheel of your car usually indicate a problem with the balance of your tires, not alignment issues. A front end alignment, or a four wheel alignment as it commonly is referred to, does just what it says…it aligns your vehicle. A front end or wheel alignment lines up the direction of the wheel so your car is pointed in a straight line. If a shimmy is felt when the car is coming to a stop, then again…the problem lies usually within the brakes and is not an alignment issue.

So, what is the difference between a front end alignment and a wheel alignment? Well, if you would have asked this question over a decade ago, you might have gotten a different answer. Back in the day, two wheel alignments were standard for all cars and trucks. But the introduction of four wheel drive changed the way Wales Auto Repair does alignments. But first, let’s go back and answer the original question. A front end alignment only aligns the two wheels in the front of the automobile. A four wheel alignment aligns all four wheels. Every vehicle can benefit from a four wheel alignment, especially front wheel drive vehicles, minivans, sport utility vehicles and any rear wheel drive cars that have independent rear suspensions.

Wales Auto Repair in North Canton wants you to think of front end and wheel alignments as part of routine maintenance for your Canton, Massillon, Canal Fulton vehicle. Wheel alignment may sometimes be referred to as tracking, but please be aware that they are one in the same. Either way, the purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear, making driving your vehicle a straight shot, not pulling to one side or the other. On occasion, alignment angles can be altered beyond the automobile maker’s specifications to gain a specific handling effect.

If you have been driving the roads of Massillon, Ohio, Canton, Ohio, or Canal Fulton, Ohio, and been engulfed in a pot hole…maybe it’s time to call Wales Auto Repair…or better yet, drive your car directly to 6834 Wales Road, North Canton, Ohio. If you are pressed for time, you can always schedule your alignment right on the internet at If you have questions, call Wales Auto Repair at 330-497-9398: they will give you “straight” answers on front end alignment and wheel alignment.

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