Wales Auto Repair: North Canton, Ohio’s Place for Car Suspension Repair

We all know the importance of having a reliable auto repair shop on speed dial. You just never know when an unplanned auto problem will occur. That is why Wales Auto Repair in North Canton, Ohio prides itself on being a full service auto repair and maintenance shop that is both reliable and trustworthy. They are a family owned and operated service station that has been serving the Canton, Ohio and Canal Fulton, Ohio areas for many years. Their areas of expertise range from basic tune-ups to brake repair and even more complicated issues like car suspension repairs. They can also raise car suspensions during the winter months for more clearance under your vehicle. What’s even better is that they guarantee you affordable auto suspension work that won’t empty your bank account!

We’ve all heard about raising car suspension and making sure our auto suspension system is working properly. But many Canton residents don’t really understand the importance of a suspension system. Well, here’s a quick lesson.

First, the suspension is the prime mechanism that keeps you staying comfortable during a drive. It also prevents your car from shaking itself apart. Basically it protects us from vibrations, bumps and road noise. It is very important for the suspension to keep the wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible. While the system is quite complex, it basically consists of two main parts—springs and shock absorbers. The springs of the car give the car the ability to conform to the conditions of the road. For example, if we hit a bump, it provides the “give” in the vehicle to allow for a more comfortable ride. The shock absorbers perform two main functions. First is to absorb the energy of the bumps. Second, they keep your wheels planted on the road so that you stay safe. Should one of these components malfunction, your ride will be uncomfortable and even dangerous. This is when it is time for a car suspension repair.

Because the winters in North Canton and Canal Fulton can be harsh and snow-covered, some people opt to raise car suspensions. This gives the vehicle higher ground clearance against the unkind elements, such as salt and rocks that help keep the streets safe for travel. Other people raise suspensions for looks or to accommodate larger tires and to improve off-roading performance. Whether you are trying to raise or lower the suspension of your vehicle, the basic idea is simple, but how you do it is more involved. That’s why you should leave it to the experts at Wales Auto Repair. You can be sure they will offer you affordable auto suspension that you can feel confident about.

If you are in Canton, Ohio or just minutes away in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Wales Auto Repair, a fully ASE certified auto repair shop, will offer you affordable auto suspension work for any of your vehicle’s suspension needs. This includes, but is not limited to, car suspension repairs and raising car suspension. This modern repair facility is located at 6834 Wales Rd. NW, in North Canton, Ohio. Here they utilize the latest computer hardware and software equipment to diagnose issues on all vehicle makes and models. For a complete list of services that Wales Auto Repair can provide, check out their website at To speak to one of their friendly and professional auto mechanics, call 330.497.9398 and schedule your appointment today.

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