Wales Auto Winterizes Your MassillonCanton, Ohio Car This Year

Winter is upon us and with it comes winter driving. Winter driving in Canal Fulton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio can be brutal. While safe driving is important all year round, the ice and snow of winter cause drivers to pay close attention to the maintenance and safety of their cars. Small repairs that are left unchecked can lead to large damages. Winter auto maintenance is a crucial part of getting your car prepared for winter. Local business, Wales Auto Repair Inc can get your car winterized and back on the road quickly.

As the winter months start rolling in, so does the holiday season. The last thing anyone wants is to spend a lot of money on things like car repairs during an already budgeted season. Wales Auto Inc offers the most competitive prices in North Canton. You will have a hard time finding another auto care store that can do everything that Wales Auto can for the same price. As a local business, Wales Auto understands what it is like to prepare your car for winter during the holiday season.

Salted roads, ice, and freezing temperatures can gang up on your car if you haven’t prepared it for the harshness of winter. Wales can give your car a winter tune up, starting with your tires. When you are sledging through ice and snow, you’re best line of defense is your tires. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board suggests that your tire tread should be at least 2/32″ to be safe. Anything less than 2/32’’, in winter weather, will need replaced quickly and when you are driving around in freezing temperatures, the last thing you want to worry about is not having the right tires.

Wales Auto can check your anti freeze for you as well. Your anti freeze is an important part of your winter auto maintenance. Your car contains a fifty-fifty mix of water and antifreeze. Make sure the level is full and the mixture is close to fifty-fifty. Keeping your mixture as close to fifty-fifty as you can also ensures that your car works properly this winter. In colder climates, the antifreeze in your radiator keeps many parts of your engine from freezing solid. A low or incorrectly mixed coolant can cost you expensive repairs. Even though you are driving through the snow, a lot of cars can still overheat. It’s easy for your radiator’s air supply to be blocked by snow, which can cause your engine to overheat! If you skipped your radiator service last spring, you definitely need one for the winter.

Lastly, Wales can also check your windshield wipers. Most people don’t think to double check how effectively their windshield wipers are working for the winter months. Snowfall as well as the on-the-side-of-the-road-muck snow can splash onto your windshield blocking your vision. The muck that we, as Ohioans are so used to, is yesterday’s snow mixed with salt and dirt. When a car splashes that snow onto your window it will take wipers in brand new, tip-top shape to efficiently clear your car.

As a local business, Wales Auto Inc knows how rough winters in North Canton, Ohio; Canal Fulton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio can be. Having to worry about the icy, freezing weather outside is enough to concentrate on this winter. There is no need your car should keep you guessing as well. Winter auto maintenance is better to take care of before winter hits. To prepare your car for winter, call Wales Auto Inc today at 330-497-9398 or visit their website at

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