Water Testing by Jesmae Salt Reveals the Right Hard Water Products for Families in Northeast Ohio

Choosing hard water products can be confusing. There is, after all, a range of contaminants that cause hard water and an equally lengthy list of treatment options. Here in Northeast Ohio, water softener salt is the most commonly used cure for hard water. It’s used to remove iron and like metals from water supplies in Akron, Ohio and wells in Barberton, Ohio along with other undesirables that flow through Summit County, Ohio. So, before you buy water softener salt, you need to know what you’re up against. And the precise water testing service that Jesmae Salt provides is a surefire way to find out!

Just in case you are not yet familiar with Jesmae Salt, here’s a bit of background. The company, based in Canal Fulton, is a division of Manchester Salt. The parent company is a family-run business with three generations of history in Northeast Ohio. Its legacy began in 1946 when Ivan Stripe created Ivan & Son Pump with a goal of keeping fresh water flowing for local families. As Ivan’s offerings grew to include water-related equipment and water softener salt in addition to his well pump services, his company evolved into Manchester Salt.

Fast forward to 2002, and exceptional service combined with quality products to create a need for a specialized division of this long-standing, family-run entity. Ivan’s descendants stayed true to their roots and cultivated a sizeable base of satisfied customers in the process. Now, through Jesmae Salt, they help folks from Akron to Barberton and beyond Summit County buy water softener salt correctly, affordably, and conveniently. And it often begins with their water testing service that is also available to you.

This water testing service is a simple and easy way to identify the cause, or causes, of your hard water. You simply take a sample of your water and bring it in to Jesmae Salt. The seasoned team will then analyze your sample and let you know what’s in it as well as which hard water products will give you the results you want. And as Jesmae Salt carries Cargill products including water softener salt, food grade salt, and deicing salt, this team can meet all of your salt needs!

For more information, go to www.jesmaesalt.com. To take advantage of the water testing service, call 330.882.5785. If you’d like to experience service inspired by Ivan, feel free to ask for his grandson James. But the entire team follows the Stripe tradition of treating families in Northeast Ohio right. So, when you get advice on hard water products and buy water softener salt from this company, expect the best! You can also expect convenience since Jesmae Salt delivers to customers in Summit County, Ohio including Akron, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; and your town too!

Jesmae Salt
7021 Manchester Road
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

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