WhirlyBall’s Indoor Sports Arena Offers a Unique Game for Stark County, Ohio Area Family Fun

It’s fair season!  If you live in Stark County, Ohio, you’re probably gearing up to head over to the fair one day next week for all of the festivities.  While there with your Canton, Ohio family, you will likely find bumper cars, and maybe one of those carnival-type basketball games.  Maybe there will even be a bit of a contest with two hoops side-by-side, and you’ll have to try to make more baskets that your opponent in a set period of time.  What you probably will NOT find is any game that combines aspects of both bumper cars and basketball.  And jai alai.  Or maybe lacrosse.  But there is a place not too far from your Massillon, Ohio home where you can find such a unique game: WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  At this Northeast Ohio indoor sports arena, you’ll find hours of family fun!

Wait, wait, wait!  Before you decide that what you’ve just read are a madman’s ramblings, keep reading.  WhirlyBall is very real, but it’s really something that you need to experience for yourself to fully appreciate.  Tucked into your bumper car-like Whirlybug, you’ll use a scoop similar to a jai alia basket or a short lacrosse stick to catch and launch something like a whiffle ball.  You can pass the ball to another member of your five person team or to shoot it toward your goal: a backboard with a hole in the middle that’s suspended about ten feet off the floor.  And you will accomplish all of this with “one cheek on the seat”—those are the rules.  If this isn’t the most unique game you’ve ever heard of, please leave a comment about your game!

Short people, rejoice!  WhirlyBall is the perfect game for you!  In this game, long legs will just get in your way as you bang your knees with the steering stick, and long arms or a long torso aren’t nearly so important as good aim.  That’s also part of what makes WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport an excellent destination for family fun since children as young as nine can participate.  Don’t have enough members in your Massillon family for two five-person teams?  Just invite your friends and extended family to come along.  This is one game that even grandparents will enjoy getting into.  And, with each round lasting only thirteen minutes, there’s time to rest between rounds or trade places with another player if you need a breather.

Stark County is no stranger to indoor sports arenas, but nothing like WhirlyBall has ever graced Canton or the surrounding areas.  You may be questioning whether the drive to Bedford Heights is really worth it.  The short answer is a resounding YES!  You can rent an entire WhirlyBall court for a full hour or more, and if you tire of that, you can head to the other side of the building for laser tag or take advantage of the arcade games in the lobby area for more entertainment.  Still not convinced?  WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport is currently undergoing an expansion to be completed this fall that will also add six lanes of bowling to the facility!

In conclusion, gather your Stark County, Ohio friends and family, and make the trip to WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  You won’t find family fun like this anywhere in the Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio area.  This indoor sports arena houses a truly unique game and an exciting experience for everyone from seasoned players to first time visitors.  For more information about WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport, head over to www.WhirlyBallCleveland.com or call 216.591.0707 to make a reservation today!

Whirlyball & Laser-Sport
5055 Richmond Rd. at Miles
Bedford Heights, Ohio 446146
Phone: 216.591.0707
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