Windy Hill Hardwoods Offers Incredible Backsplash & Countertop Options for Your Akron, Ohio Kitchen Remodeling Project!

There’s a saying at Canal Fulton, Ohio‘s Windy Hill Hardwoods: “the creation of a beautiful kitchen begins with quality cabinets.” No argument on that point.  And if you’ve read the previous blog, you know that Windy Hill Hardwoods has those quality cabinets in a range of colors and styles to suit every taste. So, now that you know where a beautiful kitchen begins, where does it end? There are a number of possible answers to that question—everything from appliances to faucets to lighting to drawer pulls. But, the design elements that truly pull a kitchen together are the countertops and backsplashes. If kitchen remodeling is on your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio to-do list, work with the professional kitchen designers at Windy Hill Hardwoods to create a new kitchen you will love for years to come.

Hopefully, you weren’t too overwhelmed by all of the cabinet options because, when it comes to countertops and backsplashes, the possibilities increase exponentially. You can begin narrowing the field by sticking with colors to complement your new Canton cabinetry. Windy Hill Hardwoods has several polished granite countertops available. The colors and bull-nose edges are designed to work with all of Windy Hill’s cabinet styles, and their professional installation will ensure that this durable surface will be as beautiful in twenty years as it was on day one.

If all this talk of polished granite is making dollar signs dance dizzyingly in front of your eyes, take a deep breath. Granite is often much more affordable than you anticipate. However, if you do find that it doesn’t quite fit into the budget you have set for your Akron kitchen remodeling project, you still have plenty of options including laminate countertops that do a remarkable job of mimicking the look of granite. The days of being stuck with a solid color or white with tiny flecks of color are long gone. There’s an array of gorgeous, affordable countertops to choose from, some of which are even textured! With a laminate countertop in your new kitchen, you will also have the opportunity to select your desired finish and edge—flat, rounded, or beveled.

Mosaic backsplashes have become incredibly popular over the past several years, and there’s no denying the stunning statement they can make. However, if tiny glass tiles in an assortment of colors isn’t the statement you’re trying to make, Windy Hill Hardwoods has more than a few alternatives. One of the most cost effective and original of these is the use of vinyl floor tile. It makes a beautiful, easy to clean backsplash, and is available in a multitude of colors, textures, and patterns to help you and the professional kitchen designers of Windy Hill Hardwoods find the ideal look. More traditional ceramic and natural stone tile can be used for a warm, homey look or you can select something more contemporary and give your kitchen a little shine with tin, copper, or stainless steel tiles for your backsplash!

No matter what type of countertop and backsplash you decide on, the professional kitchen designers at Windy Hill Hardwoods will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. Before you embark on your Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio kitchen remodeling journey, make the trip to Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio or call 330.837.9710, to discover your new kitchen’s full potential! Remember, a beautiful kitchen only begins with quality cabinets, but the final look is pulled together with your backsplash and countertop!

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