Winter Landscape Protection is Easy with Professional Landscapers from Serenity Scapes in Canton, Ohio

Avid gardeners can tell you that caring for flowers, plants, and trees is not a seasonal thing. Sure, we see blooms in North Canton, Ohio and foliage from Jackson Township, Ohio to Perry Heights, Ohio mostly in spring. But just as summer plant care involves nurturing and fall yard work revolves around maintenance, landscape protection takes precedence in winter. And the professional landscapers at Serenity Scapes are sharing tips you can use to protect plants in winter.

First and foremost, it’s important that you remove all items that have run their course. We’re speaking of annual flowers and plants that differ from perennials in that their entire life cycle consists of one season. In other words, you can expect your perennials to reappear next year whereas your annuals are gone for good.

Removing these former beauties ensures that the nutrients in your soil saturate the right roots. The simple work worth doing also makes the job of landscape protection easier. How’s that? By lessening the amount of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees you have to wrap and cover. Which brings us to what some may consider the most important thing one can do to protect plants in winter.

Covering gardens and wrapping trees is akin to bringing potted plants indoors when the mercury drops below 32 degrees. If you’ve spent as much as one winter in North Canton, Jackson Township, or Perry Heights, you undoubtedly know that number. It’s the freezing point. And for greenery of all types, it can also be the point of no return. That’s why the professional landscapers at Serenity Scapes in Canton encourage everyone to devise their covering plan and select their wrapping supplies in advance.

For stationary gardens, this could include construction a removable fixture that covers everything in one fell swoop. For trees, this part of landscape protection can be as easy as measuring the width of tree trunks and cutting wrapping materials to fit. As the professional landscapers point out, once these tasks are completed, so is much of the work needed to protect plants in winter.

If you would like help defending ornamental trees, water features, and your other favorite fixtures from winter’s wrath, call Serenity Scapes at 330.447.9963 or visit them at Invite the professional landscapers to visit your property in North Canton, Ohio; Jackson Township, Ohio; or Perry Heights, Ohio. They can help you protect plants in winter by creating a complete landscape protection plan for you. And unless you change your layout, your plan will work year after year.

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